This is what I heard.
At one time the Buddha was staying in the Jeta Grove, near the city of Sravasti.
With him there was a community of 1,250 followers.
One day early in the morning, the Buddha got dressed and went to the city with his followers to beg for food, which was the custom.
After returning and eating, he put away his bowl and robe, washed his feet and sat in the lotus position.

He became mindfully aware of his surroundings as many monks approached, bowed, and sat around him.

This might sound strange to us, but it isn’t. It was normal in that time and place for spiritual teachers to beg for their food, in the same way that many ministers and priests today are paid a salary from the donations from their congregations.
This is an introduction that will put the rest of the sutra in context for us.

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