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Diamond Sutra, Chapter 8

” Subhuti, if a person filled the universe with treasure for the purpose of kindness and generosity, would this person gain great merit?”
“Yes. This person would gain great merit, even though, in truth, this person does not have a separate existence that could gain merit.”
The Buddha continued, “Then suppose another person understood only four lines of this Sutra, but nevertheless took it upon themselves to explain these lines to someone else. This person’s merit would be even greater than the first person. Why? Because this Sutra contains the highest and most excelled teachings.”

The Buddha is saying that understanding and teaching this Sutra is more beneficial to the world than almost anything an individual can do. The teachings contained in this Sutra can led anyone to immediate Enlightenment. This Sutra is described by the Buddha as the most important Sutra.


Daniel is a union labor activist by day and a meditation teacher by night.

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