Did the Buddha Exist?

It Doesn’t Matter.

There is a point of departure that sets Buddhism apart from most other spiritual paths.

It is this: if the Buddha didn’t exist, it makes absolutely no difference.

Modern scholarship suggests that some (if not all) of the stories about the Buddha are fabrications from later followers. The story of the four sights, for example, probably didn’t happen.

Now, there are other religions that would fall apart immediately if the stories about their founders were found to be untrue. But, in the case of Buddhism, it really makes no difference. Because Buddhism isn’t really about the historical Buddha. It’s about the Buddha within you.

The man isn’t the message. The path is.

Buddhism has a very large canon of texts that teach us about the nature of ourselves and the impermanence of all things.

More importantly, Buddhism provides a path for us to follow.

When we practice the six perfections we will come to Awakening. This is a roadmap to Enlightnment.

The Buddha gives us truths, but the real truths are within us.

2 thoughts on “Did the Buddha Exist?

  1. The question isn’t “DID BUDDHA EXISTS?” But, the question is, “DO WE EXISTS?”. We, may say yes, but when the mirror that is completely dirty and uncleanable doesn’t serve its purpose, plus, loses the value of mirror, then how.can we keep our values and purpose safe if we lose ourselves to other manly things. Rage, guilt, anger, jealousy – all these things are the dust covered on the mirror called life. Its necessary to clean them up before it get uncleanable. Buddha may have existed, may not have – do we? 😉

    But dear, i must say, yu wrote it so well. 🙂 a great read. 🙂 it is really awesome to read like minded people’s views. 🙂

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