To me Thanksgiving is a day of quiet reflection.

18 years ago today my mother died, three years after my father.

As of today they’ve both been gone from my life longer than they were here. It’s kind of strange to think of things that way. I could easily be full of bitterness or despair but I’m not.

What I am doing is quietly reflecting today.

My parents were kind and full of love and I’m thankful they were here at all. I’m thankful they were around long enough to get me to the beginning of adulthood.

I wonder sometimes how losing my parents has affected me. I’m sure it’s influenced who I am in a number of ways.

But I am who I am and things are what they are. I’ve made plenty of mistakes to get where I am now, but I can’t really say my life is bad at this point. I’m content.

I love you all. Happy Thanksgiving.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Such a wonderful post. I too am grateful for your parents, they appeared in my life and both of them taught me things. I am grateful that over the years we have grown into family. Love ya bro.

  2. How wonderful you can send a positive message to others after surviving & thriving such a universe altering experience in your own life. We love you, too Daniel. You are such a good human being.

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