Meditation practice is like making an appointment to sit and be real. We take our seat and then we are just present with ourselves and facing what we find. It’s in this practice that we have an opportunity to put down all our baggage and the lies we tell ourselves and to just be present with what’s underneath.

The way we react to our experience in meditation can sometimes mirror how we handle things in life. If you are avoiding your practice at all costs, you’re probably someone who avoids dealing with things that need your attention. If you get to meditation and hold onto the practice really hard, you’re probably someone that’s high strung. If you fidget constantly during the practice, you’re probably someone who is often distracted in day to day life. None of these things are incredibly bad or worse than the others, but it helps us to know ourselves.

Sometimes people express that they don’t know if meditation really helps with their self awareness. This is one of the ways it helps. It helps to show you what you’re working with. Learning what your big struggles are is a big step. Some of us spend our lives avoiding reflecting on our shortcomings. Meditation practice forces us to stop doing that. You have to face yourself.


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