Buddhism works. I said it. I meant it.

There are those that say we shouldn’t talk about how Buddhism helps us too much. I’ve seen a lot of teachers say things like this over the years. There’s this idea that if we think about how Buddhism helps us too much, we are going to wind up getting really goal oriented and that will get in our way.

I want to respectfully disagree with that point of view.

Someone once asked me, “How do you find time for Buddhist practice when you have four kids at home?”

And I replied, “I don’t know how anyone is able to parent multiple kids without Buddhist practice.”

The teachings and practices in my spiritual path have changed my life in ways beyond measure. Buddhism has made me kinder, more patient, more attentive, less anxious, less self centered, more able to deal with the obstacles that are a natural part of human life.

I am known by some as a person with a lot of patience. That didn’t just happen. I’m not just naturally a calm and patient person. I cultivated these qualities through Buddhist practice. I used to struggle with empathy, with understanding and relating to the thoughts and feelings of other people. Buddhism helped me transform myself. I used to struggle with anxiety too and Buddhism helped me develop a calm and even mind. If I’m going to be honest I still struggle with anxiety sometimes, but I used to struggle with it all the time and it’s gotten more and more rare. Which, while I’m on that subject, Buddhism has helped me learn how to be more honest with others AND with myself. I think most of us lie to ourselves way more than we lie to other people.

Buddhism is our refuge in a world full of suffering. It’s not just a weird thing we’re doing. It has a big purpose. We are working to transform ourselves and improve the way we move through the world. Buddhism is about transformation, about reaching our potential. And it can help a lot of people if they know that.


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