Daniel Scharpenburg (Kelsang Dakpa)

Daniel Scharpenburg is a labor activist, meditation teacher, and class facilitator. He has had a committed meditation practice for 20 years. Daniel completed the Meditation Instructor Training under Lama Chuck Stanford at the Rime Buddhist Center in 2011. He volunteers at the Rime Buddhist Center as a Class Facilitator and Meditation Leader.  He has received teachings and empowerments in Tibetan Buddhism from several teachers. Daniel served as director of the Rime Center Dharma School from 2011-2014, teaching children how to meditate. He also went through some teacher training and spent some time as a Zen Monk in the Five Mountain Zen Order and took vows with Wonji Dharma. In 2022 Daniel started studying with Thupten Jinpa and his organization The Compassion Institute. Since that time Daniel has become devoted to Boundless Heart (ie Metta) Practice.