Daniel is an American Buddhist teacher and also a teacher of Mindfulness Meditation. In his day job he’s a union labor activist.

Daniel specializes bringing meditation practice and Buddhism to people in a practical way that applies to real life. He teaches in groups and retreats.

Daniel has been practicing Buddhism and meditating for over twenty years and has practiced with many different teachers. Daniel trained as a Buddhist Minister in both the Chinese (Xu Yun) and Korean (Seung Sahn) Zen traditions, as well as several years of practice and teacher training in the Rime Tibetan tradition. Daniel received Transmission as  a master teacher from the International Chan Buddhism Institute.


Certified Meditation Teacher

Certified to teach Mindfulness Meditation from Anchor Meditation Center, 2019.

Certified Meditation Instructor from the Rime Buddhist Center, 2011.

American Buddhist Teacher

Speaker: One Mind Zen Hermitage: 2020-present

Lay Chan Teacher and Lineage Holder; International Chan Buddhism Institute: 2015

Dharma Teacher: Dharma Winds Zen Sangha: 2018-2020

Dharma Teacher: Open Heart Project: 2016-2018

Gegan (dharma tutor), Rime Buddhist Center: 2011-2016

Novice Zen Monk, Five Mountain Zen Order: 2011-2013



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