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Sharpen Your Mind

Are ancient teachings meaningful to our modern lives? Can regular people like you and me get something out of studying and practicing a 2600 year old spiritual tradition? In this collection Daniel answers these questions and more. This is about meditation practice for the real world. This is about applying ancient teachings to our lives and finding new meanings.


Striding Through The Universe

The Great Way is gateless, Approached in a thousand ways. Once past this checkpoint You stride through the universe There is nothing stopping you. Enlightenment is right here. Articles about Zen, daily life, and the mystic’s journey to awakening. Many of these articles originally appeared on the website The Tattooed Buddha.


Notes From a Buddhist Mystic

Mystic: a person who seeks unity or oneness with the absolute through contemplative practices and/or self surrender, or who believes in spiritual truths that are beyond the intellect and beyond labels. Buddhism is not theistic or atheistic. It’s pantheistic. All things are sacred. It’s not a path of salvation. It’s a path of TRANSFORMATION. articles on Buddhism and meditation practice