Breathing and Posture

When we meditate it’s important to have a good attitude and to sit and breathe in ways that are helpful to our practice.


We need to adopt a posture that’s natural, relaxed, and upright. It’s best to sit in a way that’s reasonably comfortable, but also not so comfortable that we’ll get sleepy. Sitting up straight helps us be awake and alert so our minds can settle.


Before meditation it’s helpful to do breathing exercises. Some recommend taking deep heavy breaths. I recommend a practice called the Healing Breath. We inhale, retain the breath, and then exhale. We do this for 5 seconds each, inhale slowly so it takes 5 seconds, hold your breath for 5 seconds, exhale slowly so it takes 5 seconds. So each breath takes 15 seconds. I go through 3 rounds of this practice. In this way we can establish control of our breath before we begin. Nothing makes you more aware of your breath than not breathing.