September 2020

Sundays in September at 7pm (central)   Zen Meditation with Daniel. Live-stream talk + meditation every week.   This is an online Meditation Experience. The purpose of these talks and practice is to deepen our awareness and strengthen our attention. To put it another way, we are training in mindfulness and insight. Meditation practice helps develop inner calm, clarity, and health. The format for this is: short introduction, a talk, brief meditation instruction, meditation.

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October 2020

Three Sundays October 4, 11, and 18.

7pm-8:30pm (central)  

Introduction to Zen Mind: A mini-course in three sessions with Beth Herzig and Daniel Scharpenburg @ Flowering Lotus Meditation Center   October 4-11-18, 2020 | Zen Meditation is about seeing the truth by learning to be fully present in this moment. In this mini-course we are going to talk about awakening from the daydream of life, putting down our baggage, and transforming our suffering through present-moment awareness.   This is a course on three Sundays from 7pm to 8:30 pm on Zoom. Flowering Lotus Meditation Center is located in Mississippi, but distance isn’t a barrier since we’re doing this online. I’m hoping to lead something in person there at some point in the future.    

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