My Teachers

I have studied with many teachers over the years. These are the ones I consider my teachers now.

Shifu Adrian Chan-Wyles


Adrian Chan-Wyles (Shi Da Dao) is a Ch’an Adept. He is a lineage holder in the Caodong Ch’an Tradition and in the Qianfeng Daoism Tradition. He received personal and academic instruction for 16 years under the guidance of Richard Hunn in the Lay Caodong Lineage of Master Xu Yun and Charles Luk. Adrian is the current custodian of the Richard Hunn Association for Ch’an Study and the Spiritual Director of the International Ch’an Buddhist Institute. He lives in the United Kingdom.

 YaoXin Shakya


Fashi YaoXin is a Fully Ordained and Transmitted Zen Priest (lineage holder) in the Linji and Yunmen Lineages of the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun. Yaoxin is the Head Priest of the Dharma Winds Zen Sangha, an international online order. Yaoxin was, among many other teachers, a student of Ming Zhen Shakya. He lives in Belgium.