Stanzas of Mind Training (podcast series)

This is a series of talks on “The Eight Stanzas of Mind Training”

I hope these talks are helpful.

Beings Are Precious

Others Are Paramount

All The Time

Beings of Bad Character

Attacks From Others

Great Hopes and Harm

Offering to Mothers

Worldly Concerns

Lojong : Mind Training (podcast series)

I did this series of talks on the subject of Training the mind. I hope listening to these will be helpful.

Introduction to the Heart


See Everything as a Dream

Examine the Nature of Awareness

Don’t Get Stuck on Peace

Rest in Openness

Be a Child of Illusion

Sending and Receiving

Seeds of Virtue

It’s All Sacred

Transform Disasters

Drive All Blames Into One

Be Grateful to Everyone

See Confusion As Enlightenment

4 Practices That Help

Whatever You Meet is the Path

Five Strengths

Practice For Death and Life

Only One Point

The Principal Witness

Joyful Mind

Practice While Distracted

Three Principles

Change Your Attitude