Sometimes we really want to fix things that simply aren’t in our power to fix.

We try to change people that don’t fit our view of how they should be. We try to change things that are none of our business, even when we don’t have any ability to change them. When we make things into our problems, that makes us unhappy. Many things aren’t our problems until we make them so.

I want to suggest that we can look at things another way. We can try to learn how to see problems as opportunities, as chances to make things better. Of course we do have real problems and there are serious problems in the world. I”m not talking about those as much as the problems that we make ourselves.

But, in regard to those real problems. We can make a thing out of it and let them sap our well being. Or we can try to come at the situation from a place of inner peace. We have this within us and if we can direct our energy from this place we can face whatever we have to without making problems worse.

Part of our practice is coming to realize we have this peace, this stillness and silence within us. We just have to learn to see through all the noise that’s in the way.


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